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Ingersoll Rand compressed air system pressure combined

Ingersoll Rand compressed air system pressure combination is greater gas consumption, gas consumption is the best choice for high pressure industry.
Ingersoll Rand pass to the accumulation of long-term practice, to provide you with a flexible integrated skid mounted high pressure air system solutions. Quality to meet the needs of different industries, while maximizing the convenience, energy saving, lower operating and maintenance costs, and improve production efficiency.


General System Process



Simple and flexible structure
The modular structure is very simple and can be freely combined according to the conditions.


Energy conservation
Can be based on actual gas consumption needs, automatically or manually select the number of units starting air compressor,
Achieve complete energy saving results. Full range of air-cooled units, not equipped with water cooling system.

Higher reliability
The single set of independent,
Standalone down for maintenance without affecting the normal operation of the whole system.

With Ingersoll Rand specially designed control system to achieve superior functionality
To meet different customer requirements.

Easy to install, easy to move
Installed without foundation
According to the need and convenient replacement of the workplace.


By Industry
Petroleum, chemical, electronics , blowing, refrigeration , rubber , valves , wood , aluminum ......


FF series of modular high-pressure multi-unit basic parameters


Technical parameters


HP series of modular high-pressure multi-unit basic parameters


Optional features

Full-time low oil protection
Exhaust temperature high temperature alarm
Shutdown , timed auto drain
Note: Standard * Unit temperature alarm as standard


Ingersoll Rand 380V a 415VAC dual unit automatically start and stop pressure / constant speed control cabinet

DF1: order stops , rotation work , mutual backup
DF2: According to gas work machine automatically adjust the number of units \
DF3: stand-alone operation instructions , single fault indication, power indicator
DF4: Single Fault Protection
DF5: manual, automatic two completely independent ways of working
DF6: Stop automatic drain
DF7: star delta starter
DF8: Dry contact : power indicator , stand-alone , single fault
DF9: remote , now to two control modes
DF10: regular automatic drain
DF11: unloading delay shutdown to save energy.

FF series is suitable for high-pressure units Ingersoll Rand


Ingersoll Rand 380V 415VAC Multi- unit operation a control cabinet

CF1: each machine independent
CF2: According to artificial selection need to open the gas consumption of the machine
CF3: sequence start, reaches the set pressure limit unloading
CF4: unloading delay shutdown , save energy
CF5: Single Fault Protection
CF6: Direct start
CF7: Stop drainage
CF8: star delta starter
CF9: timer , stop draining

For Ingersoll Rand HP series and FF series high pressure multi-unit


Ingersoll Rand 415VAC 380V a high pressure multi-unit automatic start and stop control cabinet

SF1: each machine independent
SF2: manually select each machine need to open the gas consumption of the machine
SF3: order stops
SF4: Power indicator
SF5: Single Fault Protection
SF6: Direct start
SF7: Dry contact: stand-alone, single fault
SF8: Stop drainage
SF9: star delta starter
SF10: timer, stop draining

Appropriate and at Ingersoll Rand HP series and FF series high pressure multi-unit



Ingersoll Rand 415VAC 380V a multi-unit intelligent control cabinet

PF2: target pressure, differential pressure, start time interval, rotation time,
PF3: Displays the current pressure, stand-alone operating status and fault status
PF4: sequence start and stop, rotation jobs
PF5: According to the gas station automatically adjust the number of working machines
PF6: star delta starter
PF7: Automatic timed drainage
PF8: manual control cap automatic two ways, independent of each other

Ingersoll Rand FF series for high-pressure multi-unit



Recommended system configuration Ingersoll Rand Series
Ingersoll Rand compressed air system to provide you with reliable, superior quality compressed air not only make your production running fully guaranteed, but also to improve production efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and increase gas equipment life.


Modular compressed air system-FF series

Technical parameters

Modular compressed air system a HP Series

Technical parameters

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