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HHL water-cooled air cooler


    Compressed air cooler is an essential component in the process, the use of double metal tube condenser fins, in the same volume of the cooling area can be increased, the temperature of the compressed gas is cooled to a temperature of about 40 ℃ compressed air can be reduced system Other equipment rear heat load.
High temperature compressor discharge air from the intake port into the after-cooler, the exchange of the core pipe tears flow, it is within the housing for heat exchange with the cooling water temperature is reduced, the outlet flow from the high temperature compressed air in the cooling process, water vapor and oil vapor condense into water droplets and oil droplets are deposited, after discharge from the outfall; cooling water from the inlet pipe into the housing, the heat exchange with the compressed air march discharged from the outlet .

Working conditions and technical specifications

Working Pressure

Gas inlet temperature

Gas inlet temperature

Cooling water temperature

Cooling water pressure

Gas pressure drop









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