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Ingersoll Rand centrifugal compressor CENTAC

U.S. Rand Corporation is the world's largest 500 industrial companies, from 1911 began working centrifugal air compressors manufactured with innovative design and superb manufacturing process, products always remain a world leader, has a high profile and reputation. CENTAC units by industry into the world's best male centrifugal compressor is to provide clean, 100% oil-free, pollution-free compressed air the best choice.



Widely used

Has more than 18,000 units installed worldwide records , including in China with more than 900 units ( end of 2002 ) . Widely used in textiles, power electronics, iron and steel metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical, tobacco , glass , paper and automotive industries.

Overall assembly
Simple design , compact structure , small footprint unit mainly components and piping in the factory had installed . Overall rigorously tested before leaving the factory . Site easy to install, no special requirements. Saving the user valuable installation time and installation costs.

Now, a new generation of 250-500HP unit focused on the latest technological innovations , the Ingersoll Rand CENTAC centrifugal compressor manufacturing and technical advantages in the small flow range to be more widely used. Product popularity since its introduction , has now become 30-70m/min flow range for compressed air needs the best solution . Energy efficient and easy to maintain its distinctive feature of being recognized by more and more users .

Energy efficient
Ingersoll Rand compressors CENTAC two and three of its unique structure and advanced control methods , efficient, or rely on energy consumption. Meet the overall requirements for the compressed air source .

Easy to maintain
Unique vertical split structure , each level simply adjust a work space, without opening the case . With the overall bearing with integral seal , so that all components work smoothly as long as possible , to extend the unit maintenance intervals . Unit components can be repaired in the field and replacement. Depot repair without adjustment .



Rotor assembly, high efficiency, long life

Single axle wheel design to shorten the length of the rotor, the rotor has the best combination of stability. Theory of three-dimensional flow impeller design, advanced stainless steel, with greater pressure control range. Uniaxial single impeller designed to allow a reasonable load distribution. Thrust ring
By the axial thrust bearing, uniformly dispersed into the cabinet, and will not be transmitted to the gear side end, effectively extending the life of the gear. This design is very suitable for load changing working conditions.


Superior bearing design, more stable operation
The stability of the rotor assembly and the unit can be fixed with a simple tile moving film bearing, which has no moving parts. Rotor is supported in a stable oil film work, extending the maintenance cycle.



Prevent oil spills, oil-free air to ensure
Sleeve graphite seal ring to minimize the amount of air leakage, while preventing oil leakage. In any case, to ensure that no oil-free air. Full-floating non-contact design, long life, no wear, long-term guarantee steady supply of clean air.


Lubricating bearings and gears system protection

Lube oil pump provides oil to the bearings and gears. In order to give the unit a sudden power outage additional protection. Also designed a unique lubricating system, after the shutdown to give adequate lubrication, protection of bearings and gears.

The same investment, different values

Ingersoll Rand made two and three centrifugal air compressor, compressed than the two oil-free screw compressor unit or other two
Crew more traffic advantage and energy saving advantages, leaving them in a small flow oil-free compressor in a leading position in the field.



More clean air , energy savings of 30%

Rational allocation of each compressor stage compression ratio , the centrifugal compressor reaches its maximum efficiency , Ingersoll-Rand Company's three compressor has a better energy efficiency. In the case of the same motor power , three compression greater flow centrifugal compressor , and can maintain long-term , will not change with time running up to achieve 30% energy savings.

Three compressors having a higher power

Compared to the two compression units , the use of three compression to generate compressed air means less work done by each segment , each one compression ratio is smaller, so push the temperature lower . Therefore, the compressor will be a higher efficiency of the compressed air, save more energy .

CMC Intelligent Controller
Ingersoll Rand centrifugal air compressor is equipped with the industry's most advanced control system . With all the necessary compressor various control and protection functions for a variety of conditions. Big screen, easy to operate control panel for the whole Chinese , reflecting the respect for Chinese users . User -friendly interface designed to make operation is very simple .

Flexible control
Unit's standard configuration includes automatic dual -saving control mode and constant pressure control, increased user flexibility in controlling the unit .

User -friendly interface

12 simple button control panel
Large screen display more data to facilitate monitoring
By touching a button style parameters
Full Chinese display interface
Simple, easy to master

Self-diagnosis function
224 alarm , shutdown and operation of the event log
Jane public event logging and analysis of the fault finding
Failure detection logic controller

Surge point automatic tracking technology



Powerful communication features
The whole plant can be connected to the control system
Supports MODBUS protocol and Allen-Bradley DF1 protocol
Support RS232, RS422 and RS485 interface
Advanced energy management software ASC (group control system)
Can simultaneously control up to 32 units, and to achieve the most energy saving, intelligent control.

Memory protection
Automatic memory when power is suddenly all operating parameters

When power is restored automatically adjust the power down before running.



Air system comprehensive solution
Air System Design
Drying machines and other auxiliary equipment
Super air line
ASC / ASM to optimize energy management system
Remote interactive communications network
Comprehensive information management
CDS remote diagnostic system
Long-term maintenance service contract

Technical Services

Not only in the manufacture of Ingersoll-Rand air compressor is a world leader, but also to provide users with comprehensive compressed air solutions. Ingersoll Rand's professional team, from product design to marketing consulting, from installation and commissioning, after sales service, make your compressed air system in the best condition, while the lowest cost. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day uninterrupted service spare parts and maintenance network to ensure that your air system work properly.

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