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Ingersoll Rand CENTAC centrifugal oil-free air compressor

To meet the needs of industrial development, since 1911, the United States has been engaged in Ingersoll Rand centrifugal air compressor design and production work, and always maintained a leading position in the world. With years of experience in production and design capabilities and finally in 1968 built the first CENTAC brand centrifugal air compressor production line. Since that date, more than 2,000 units CENTAC unit operating in the world in various fields of industry

Automotive Manufacturing
Number of units already installed more than 400 units
Automobile manufacturers to use than the number CENTAC centrifugal compressor with other brands of compressors to be more
Including the use of assembly plants and parts manufacturing plant


Textile / Fiber Industry

100% oil-free air to ensure continuity of production
The compressor has been installed more than 1,000 units
Including the use of air-jet looms, air spinning, winding yarn paddle a variety of uses


Steel / air separation
Widely used in iron and steel, air separation industry in the domestic market share leader
Available than air, compressed nitrogen
Can provide high pressure air, to meet customer demand in this sector
Provides a more flexible control solutions to meet with customers existing DCS and other plant control systems
Energy efficient.
Chemicals / refining industry
Dedicated set design, fully meet API-672's operating performance and reliability
Heat exchanger can be chosen according to your requirements
There are a variety of structural materials chosen to accommodate different working environments
Power Industry
Ingersoll Rand is a centrifugal compressor boiler soot blowing technology pioneer, has 25 years of experience
Can provide a full range of types of blowing air compressor
With 6psig (42bar (g) to (42bar (g)) of the pressure range. Applications include boiler soot blowing, instrument and utility air, ash conveyor, gas desulfurization
Control system is designed so that the cyclical changes in the volume of air able to respond quickly


It can be widely used in other industrial fields, such as
- Coal
- Glass Manufacturing
- Artificial snow and
- Electronics
- Food and Beverage
- Drugs
PET blow



A typical single axle wheel design to shorten the length of the rotor, to minimize the weight of the boom, so that the rotor has the best combination of stability. Impeller and diffuser gap between the work from the air or water temperature change
Semi-open three-dimensional flow backward curved impeller (originally developed by the Rand Corporation) and the unit has the best control, while allowing maximum operating range
CENTAC impeller made of special high-pressure casting cast stainless steel by forming a dense, high strength and corrosion resistance characteristics


Thrust ring effective aerodynamic thrust disperse transmitted to the chassis, so that the main gear does not bear the load, the maximum extent possible to extend the life of the gear
Unique arc triangle fraction ensures thrust ring, impeller and pinion self-locking connection between the firm and make disassembly is very simple. This arc triangle connection also increased the contact area, compared with keys or hot sets of connections, longer life


Superior mechanical transmission
CENTAC rotor assembly optimize efficiency, ensuring reliability, and simplify maintenance
Stable pinion stub shaft so that it can adopt a simple structure fixed three-tile set of simple bearings. The bearing has no moving parts, no annual maintenance
Bearing all the conventional low-pressure lubricating oil system, lubrication, in order to achieve an effective gear lubrication and film stability. Oil from the installation on the main oil pump shaft and is equipped with a computer-assisted pump


Axial thrust is small, one-way, and can be predicted to minimize energy consumption. Minor thrust side of each gear by a fluid dynamic pressure bearing absorption
Standard radial and axial thrust bearing no moving parts. This simple structure can be passed-shaft bearing on the operation of effective monitoring, and thus eliminates the need for regular maintenance time and costs


Efficient heat
CENTAC unit, the air in the tubes and water management, air cooler has the following main features
Contact surface with water --- gas - is out of reach double tube cooler, so that the cooling effect is better, lower temperature, and after the scaling caused by deterioration of machines running less likely smaller. thus reducing the flow of cooling water cooler and maintenance workload.
The design avoids the intercooler piping hot out of the air compressor connection problems. In CENTAC design of exposed pipes, avoiding the use of expensive pipeline expansion joints. Water management, but also plays the role of air noise isolation
CENTAC air cooler may recoil at run time, or on-site cleaning. Both methods minimizes the downtime required for cleaning cooler

Overall assembly design
CENTAC the overall assembly design has many advantages, but the main advantage is simple structure. Completely assembled CENTAC compressor and piping on the main components in the factory had installed, which makes on-site installation work is very simple. And tight beat structure also eliminates a lot of your time and money

Advanced lubricant system
Low oil pressure (25PSig)
SAE standard O-ring to ensure no oil leak runtime
Main oil pump driven by the spindle
Oil heater

Built-in air cooler
Compact, high-efficiency cooling
No external piping, easy to install
Reduce the expansion joint
No exposed air ducts
Built-in air line reduces the noise level
Completely assembled compact design, small footprint
Reducing the pressure loss
Some models are equipped with water dispenser

Simplified bearing design
Fluid dynamic pressure (film) radial bearing
Full echoed reverse thrust hydrodynamic bearing
Radial bearings and thrust bearings are pre-installed in the respective bearing housing
Simple rotor structure

Uniaxial single impeller design
Better efficiency
Minimum bearing load
Low vibration
Each is equipped with a vibration sensor for condition-based maintenance

Assembly structure designed according to your needs, including
Control Systems
Lube oil system
Heat exchange means

Vertical section housing
Structural integrity, easy disassembly of all parts
Just set the gap
Rotor gap adjustment can be carried out outside the machine (without opening the case)
No routine annual maintenance

Non-contact air / oil seal
Full floating graphite ring
In any operating conditions can ensure no oil, so that the possibility of air leakage is reduced to a minimum

Computer controller designed for you
Ingersoll-Rand Company is the world's first computer used air compressor manufacturers, CENTAC microcomputer controller is an outstanding control system, allowing you full control of the machine. The heart of the system is an advanced computer processors can be self-regulating, it can be fully integrated to the compressor body, motors, switchgear and auxiliary equipment control

User-friendly user interface
12 simple button control panel
Large screen display more data to facilitate monitoring the operational status of the unit
Chart shows the unit operating parameters, alarm and shutdown settings
Set parameters via touch buttons
Languages and units of measurement showed that Chinese show

Self-diagnosis function
224 alarm, shut down the operating time records
Event Logging simplifies troubleshooting and analysis
Failure detection logic controller
Surge absorption technology reduces the system pressure fluctuations, improved operational stability

Reliable operating performance
When all of a sudden power failure automatic memory operating parameters
Automatically adjust when power is restored to operational status before power
System management functions
Old models of centrifugal air compressors (even non-IR crew) can also be easily upgraded and incorporated into an automatic control system



Flexible control
- Standard automatic dual-saving control mode
- Standard constant voltage control mode

Powerful communication features
Using the optional Universal Communication Module (UCM)
Signal can be received in the whole plant control system
UCM module supports MODBUS and AIIEN-BRADIEYDF-1 communication protocol
UCM module also receives via modem modem command, communication
Existing energy management system software to help save more energy costs

ASC / ASM centralized compressed air control system
To control the compressed air system, including centrifugal. Screw, reciprocating compressors, and all auxiliary systems, such as dryers, pumps, cooling towers, piping and valves of the measuring point.
Energy management can be optimized through load distribution function, automatic monitoring, control and reduce the waste of energy of compressed air
Control up to 32 air compressors
Can be multi-pressure system control
Using a graphical interface for display
Sequence control function
Multi-language system (including Chinese)
Superior communication capabilities, through
Single or multiple PC
LAN Local Area Network



When you need service, our support will be on your side
CENTAC worldwide service
When our air compressor shipped to your facility, our responsibility is even more significant. As a global company, our mission is to reduce your compressor in the whole process of cost consumption. We will provide you with the most completive and most efficient service and support, continue to carry out product quality and improved aerodynamic research and engineering technology to improve the ability to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of compressed air


User Support
On the response of your needs
Global networking services 24 hours
The latest technology
User record
Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand's original spare parts provided by the Quality Assurance
User Training


Regional Service
Quickly and effectively to serve you
Worldwide reputation for superior service and
In the world has more than 150 offices
Factory-trained service personnel
Compressed air system energy accounting
Compressor maintenance contracts
Local spare parts warehouse
Local Customer Training Center

CENTAC continuous improvement
Through the use of controlled, qigong and mechanical reliability of the latest technology to constantly improve your device, saving you the cost of
Reduce energy consumption
Lower operating costs
Reduce maintenance costs
Improve processes

Engineering and technical services
The compressor to reduce operating costs during the life
CENTAC Diagnostic Services (CDS)
CENTAC software, including energy management systems, etc.
Lubricants and air quality analysis
Refurbished units

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