In the second quarter of 2016 to summarize the meeting smoothly

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Posted on:2016-07-25

Fingertips, has quietly passed half 2016, reviewing in the first half of the work, under the guidance of leadership, with the support of partners, with the joint efforts of all staff, we have made remarkable achievements, but at the same time we also found the shortages and problems in the work. In this competitive market, we need to do like Martin Luther said: we must accept the reality, because it is limited, but do not give up the pursuit of possible, because it is infinite. So we need to take its essence, to its their.
If you want to go too fast, you a person walk, if you want to go far, then go! Was held on July 23, 2016, the company about "in the second quarter of 2016 review meeting, the meeting each colleagues report in the second half of the first half of the work summary and work plan, at the same time, in view of the insufficiency in the first half of the work management improvement and rationalization proposals are put forward. We learn from each other, make progress together, better guide the next work.
In today’s competitive market, the company uphold the "honest, trustworthy, sincere" core values, in order to "pragmatic, innovation, dedication, the future" spirit of enterprise, in order to "provide the highest cost-effective products and professional services" of the enterprise purpose. Enterprise promoting learning progress, staff to promote enterprise development up.



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