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Posted on:2015-11-18

On November 5, all the staff to take the high-speed rail to - 【 broad cultural birthplace - guangxi hezhou 】. Castle peak green water, all the way scenery is very beautiful. After arriving at the hezhou tour - "ziyun wonderland". A mysterious and desirable place, a place scenery, scenery extremely use up touring wonderland by nature, is a wide variety of stalactites, stalagmites, stone curtain. Hole to total area of 8612 square meters, tour road 800 meters, pizza is the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, ziyun hole also have the rare tower, tower, more than ten meters tall and big pagoda on the impending SLATE, let a person see the middle of the backsuspension.

To "congratulation state hot spring" after lunch. Here is the guangxi famous health resort, hot spring water temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, the sulfur content of 1.5 g/l, the water containing zinc, manganese, iron and other 38 kinds of minerals beneficial to human body, promote blood circulation, strengthen physical health, protect skin to raise colour, and have obvious promoting effect on treatment of arthritis, etc, in smoke transpiration of hot spring water, make your meta troubles all gone. Then watched the congratulation state soil living bonfire party, here we are with the hospitable soil yao compatriots YaoGu dance together, hand in hand with drinking YaoGu everyone so engrossed in a happy atmosphere.

The next day after breakfast visit - "congratulation state jade stone forest". China’s only white marble geological park, the wonderland of the gift of nature ",formed in the Jurassic period of more than one hundred million years ago, as a result of the yanshan epoch geological fracture and karst seepage erosion and the effects of local high temperature for a long time, plus more than one thousand years since the song dynasty tin-mining, layer peak area of the mainland from Clint between bare, formed the "camel" in one thousand, "air corridor", "sight" countless beautiful natural landscape, far look like natural murals, the almost like a waterfall in the forest, climbing while looking like han xin point soldier, peng.


After lunch visit - [18 water scenic spot 】 【 Aunt mountain national forest park】 In south China’s largest natural oxygen bar,, the park covers an area of 8000 hectares, mountain 1731 meters above sea level, etc., main aunt air negative oxygen ion content of up to 65856 / cubic centimeter, the air is fresh in the park and the peak high deep valley, mountain majestic, lush forests, waterfalls fly creek ripples, set "male, strange, beautiful, deep and remote" into an organic whole, both landscape type and the characteristics of suburban park, is the tea hometown is thick, the wine is home to alcohol, "joy sang" and so on Hong Kong TV series in the setting of real shop in nine winery, freehand brushworks tea garden is located.


Breakfast on the third day after you take a tour bus all the way singing, came to, in scenic spot 】 【 valley scenic distribution around a comely peaks, gentle and beautiful rural scenery, clear and beautiful yaojiang like a jade belt around the whole scenic spot, visitors take a bamboo raft to enjoy picturesque yao jiangwan beautiful scenery, can also be walking along the river view road, rural breath fresh, relaxed and happy making a person! Main ornamental attractions: longevity old man, reading rocks, farming culture exhibit, stone bridge, yuanyang dragon scale tree, long island, Kowloon, send blessing god turtle. After lunch and then visit huang yao ancient town square about 】 3.6 sq. miles, for the typical karst landform, qifeng, ancient towering, deep caves, qingxi surrounded, the town has a "six more",scenic caves, pavilions, temples, ancestral hall, male more ancient trees and couplets and plaques. "Small bridge flowing water somebody else" is one of the unique scenery of huang yao ancient town, there are mountains and water, water and bridge, bridge and booth, booth and couplet and couplet and plaque, constitute the unique scenery of ancient town.

Three days passed quickly, take high iron back to shenzhen in the afternoon.



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