2015: lead the course, achievement dream

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Posted on:2015-04-13

On March 5, mechanical taigang 2015 spring convention held in baoan fish down the gold glory. From different divisions of the company’s employees and their families together, real ended in laughter.
- general manager
After the annual meeting of the opening, the general manager Mr. Depth summarizes the development course of mechanical taigang 2014, accumulated experience, also shows the results during the year, prospects the future development of 2015 focus and direction.
- elite dream weavers
Mechanical taigang today’s achievement, in addition to a company’s management strategy pilot, also cannot leave taiyuan machinery all staff’s hard work. Therefore, for the size of company employees issued more than 30 awards, bring honor and glory, colleagues took over the company’s heavy recognition in gratitude, a year of tireless work and hard work, finally change had dreams today’s achievement, in the future, they will be more efforts to climb step by step.
The dream of - personality
Annual meeting, games or singing, everybody always talented, energetic. Talent and personality will be the largest interpretation and release, to highlight yourself, show yourself, make enthusiasm taigang mechanical engine chasing dreams.
Dinner over, company annual meeting in 2015 drew a satisfactory full stop.




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